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We specialize in health and beauty raw materials including oils, essential oils, polymers, emulsifiers, additives, surfactants, preservatives, APIs, packaging and cosmetics and medical supplies, injectable gels, Botox, cocktails We work in beauty and food, dried fruits, medicinal plants, dried vegetables, machines, etc.

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Brokerage Services


Option trading customers at Lightspeed should strongly consider the tools that we provide, especially during times of high volatility when milliseconds matter. Our customer service desk is ready with their extensive experience to help our customers when unpredictability strikes. Not only is our customer service top notch, so is our technology. Trading options at Lightspeed delivers active and professional traders’ access to options markets. In addition, traders have the ability to pursue opportunities using our stable, reliable, and powerful technology built for high-volume and low-latency trading.

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Our Services

In general, the main function of our company are import, export, release, solution, consultation, Brokerage Services in other word obtaining goods from manufacturers and delivering them to customers. In this regard, a trading company may undertake any tasks necessary to achieve that end.

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