Vista Barous Arvand Industrial Group

Vista Barous Private Held Co. was incorporated under the Iranian Companies Act,1956 under CIN No. 14010464030 and obtained the Certificate of Commencement of business.
The main office of the company is situated at unit 7, No 11 , Padidar street, Moghaddas ardebili, Zafaraniyeh, Tehran. Iran.
The Company is into carry on the business as merchants, traders, distributors, commission agents, importers, exporters, dealers collectors and to import, export, barter, exchange, advance upon or otherwise trade and deal in hygienic, cosmetics, chemicals, API, machinery, equipment components, spare parts, goods, articles and merchandise, of all kinds and allied products as wholesalers, retailers or on commission basis or for broker. Other activities of the company is Trading & Investments in Shares & Securities.

Our Team

Fatemeh Jahangir
Chairman of the Board

Asma KheyroLlahi
Board member and Managing Director


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